Alf On The Radio

Thursday 18 April 2024

Alf Hunter is a long-time resident of Borehamwood, and was the set decorator on many classic films. He decorated the set for the famous sequence in Raiders of the Lost Ark where a large ball rolls after Harrison Ford’s Indiana Jones. He was interviewed on Three Counties Radio yesterday on the Roberto Peroni show and Andy Collins Breakfast.  He has many anecdotes from his long career involving Clint Eastwood, Elizabeth Taylor and directors George Lucas and Steven Spielberg.  Listen to a clip here.

The list of films Alf worked on shows just how many great films were made in this area. Alf worked all over - MGM, ABPC, Shepperton, Ealing, Danziger, and all varying forms of the Elstree studios. Some career!

Alf in Whippendell Woods on the
film Return to Oz


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