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Jay And Paul Visit The Exhibition

Friday 8 July 2022

Jay, Dave Armitage - Museum Manager, Tony DeSwarte - Model Maker, Paul

If you've visited our current exhibition Off The Rails, you will have seen the video we are showing which gives the background to The Line That Never Was. Created by Jay Foreman and Paul Kendler in 2009 the video tells the story in an excellent, succinct and idiosyncratic way to help us understand what happened before and after the Second World War.

They spent much time with us examining our exhibition and explaining how they made the video and the pitfalls they encountered along the way. This was the first of their "Unfinished London" series and please visit Jay's YouTube page here to see more videos, and not just on London's weird history either.

If you haven't visited us yet, we've now extended the exhibition until September 4th, and the model trains are still running.

New Drawings Illuminate The Line That Never Was

Wednesday 6 April 2022

Before going up to the Museum on the second floor, make sure you check out the entrance wall in 96 Shenley Road. We have installed a display of 6 panels featuring the original engineers' drawings of the Elstree Extension or The Line That Never Was. 

The Elstree Tunnel entrance and the work completed            Typical Engineers' notes

These were created by the engineers to show the condition of the line that had been completed by August 31st 1939 when the work was stopped. So they knew exactly what they had achieved when work was to restart after WW2. At the top of the drawings` of the Extension are lists of the work outstanding on that section, and below,  the work completed.  The details are exceptional, listing materials on site, fences completed, percentages of brickwork built, etc.

In addition we have placed the drawings of Brockley Hill station and its many arches just outside the Museum entrance. A fascinating look at the design of the station.

These drawings are unique, and add so much to our knowledge of the construction of the Extension. Make sure you see them.

New Video For Off The Rails

Friday 4 March 2022

Museum Manager Dave Armitage gives you a guided tour and explanation of our new exciting Exhibition Off The Rails.
Just so you know what to expect and wet your appetite. Check it out HERE

Off The Rails - Fridge Magnets

Friday 25 February 2022

Just arrived! Some super Fridge Magnets featuring the roundels for Tube Stations that were never built on the Elstree Extension - Brockley Hill, Elstree South and Bushey Heath.

Not forgetting the two Stations that might have existed had the alternative line been built - Moat Mount and Borehamwood East.

Full details in our current Exhibition - 'Off The Rails - The Line That Never Was'. Come and find out more. The Magnets are £2 each in the Museum and £3.50 from this website including postage.

Off The Rails - Special Visitor

Wednesday 9 February 2022

L to R : Tony Beard, who wrote the book,
Tony de Swarte, who made the model,
Dave Armitage, who runs the Museum and organised the Exhibition

Last Saturday we welcomed a special visitor to our new Exhibition. No less than Tony Beard who wrote the book from which we gained much inspiration, if not most of the information. It was good to meet him at last and get his 'approval' for all our hard work. He sent us a newly discovered aerial photo just as we were finalising the panels, and we added it to great effect.

Can you spot the entrance to the Elstree Tunnel in the photo above?

Tony has written many books on transport, and his latest is Steering London Through: London's Road Services in the Second World War
the story of the London Bus during the War. Unfortunately By Tube Beyond Edgware is no longer available, so you'll just have to visit our
Exhibition to learn the full story.

Tony explains the location of the tunnel to yours truly

Off The Rails : Crowds and Reviews

Thursday 3 February 2022

Off The Rails - The Line That Never Was

Crowds and Reviews

We've only been open a couple of weeks but we are crowded out every day - even though it doesn't take many to crowd us out we are having very busy days every day. We all love a model train, and we all love a slice of local history that is often a rumour, but now can be seen for real.

Check out the rave review from The Londonist here.  Complete with photos and train whistles, well maybe not the latter. And another fine review from IanVisits here

Don't delay, check us out soon.

Off The Rails : Open Today

Thursday 20 January 2022

Our new Exhibition exploring the Elstree Extension through the Northern Heights that was suspended during World War 2, and never restarted, opens today.
Our photos can only give a glimpse of the Exhibition.
Come and see the scale model of the Tube line and how it would have looked if it had been completed.
And the trains are running!

OffTheRails- Work-In-Progress Part Three

Tuesday 18 January 2022

Only three days left to complete the Exhibition. Will it be finished in time?
The Panels are up and the Model is coming along :

Off The Rails : Work-In-Progress : Part Two

Friday 14 January 2022

The model is now joined up, but not yet running.  With 5 days to go, let's hope it all comes together.
Progress report on Monday after the display panels arrive.

New Year, New Exhibition - Work-In-Progress Part One

Tuesday 11 January 2022

New Year, New Exhibition - Work-In-Progress Part One

The empty Museum on Monday before the build starts

Let's start the New Year with a New Exhibition - Off The Rails : The Line That Never Was. The full story of the Elstree Extension to the Tube that was stopped by the Second World War, nearly resumed afterwards but cancelled by the end of the 1940s. And we have an 18-foot model of the line as it would have been. The Exhibition opens on Thursday 20th January and here's the start of the work as the model arrives :

Tony starts work assembling his model on Tuesday.

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