Paul Welsh visits The Friends

Monday 10 December 2018

On Wednesday night local celebrity, film historian and excellent raconteur, Paul Welsh, spent an evening with The Friends of the Museum.  Linked of course to our current exhibition about his successful efforts to Save Our Studios, it was a chance for us to hear first hand how he and a dedicated team had managed the seemingly impossible task of ensuring Elstree Studios did not become more supermarkets and blocks of flats. To undertake this enterprise with no financial backing and against heavyweight business interests, and then succeed against the odds has become a key event in our local history. So Dave Armitage introduced Paul and told how well the Exhibition was going.  Paul  spent some time explaining how the campaign worked out and what was involved. Then Maureen Corman, our Friends Organiser, used the rest of the time asking Paul about the films and stars he had met and interviewed over the years.  Many a fascinating story was heard before the tea and bioscuits. If you are not a Friend you should be, here.

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