Bob Barrett Meets Paul Welsh

Friday 1 November 2019

Here’s Paul Welsh explaining in his latest column in the Borehamwood Times how he met Bob Barrett

“Last week I attended the opening of a new Exhibition at the Borehamwood Museum celebrating the 20th anniversary of Holby City, which is produced at the BBC Elstree Centre. We always hear about EastEnders at BBC Elstree but I think Holby is a bit of an unsung hero. I must say the BBC has done a marvellous job with the display in our Museum, which is very limited in space. It runs for six months so I recommend you visit.

I had the pleasure to chat with actor Bob Barrett, who has been with Holby City for 10 years in about 400 episodes. Luckily I got his character's name right as Sasha, as for some reason I thought it was Slasher, which seemed an odd name to give a surgeon. Bob is a lovely chap to meet and he hopes to continue with the series. We joked about the shirts he wears. which would not impress me as a patient. I was brought up on Emergency Ward 10 and Dr Kildare, in which hospital doctors wore white coats.

I believe Bob is turning on the Christmas lights in Borehamwood so there is a chance for you to meet him as I hope the Town Council will let that happen.”

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