Object of the Week : Home of Rest for Horses

Wednesday 24 February 2021

Whilst the Museum is closed and our collections unable to be seen by visitors, we have created a weekly virtual museum with an Object of the Week feature from our collections.

Object of the Week : Home of Rest for Horses

Now known as The Horse Trust, the Home of Rest for Horses was located off Farriers Way and Furzehill Road between 1933 and 1975.  Where housing has been built on the site, many of the local road names reflect the former Home; Saddlers Close, Cobb Close and Hunt Close etc.

The Home was a charity, set up in 1886 for the working horses of London.  Overworked and sick cab horses, milk horses, grocer’s and coal horses, mules and donkeys were offered refuge at the Home which was initially sited at a farm near Harrow.  The first resident was an overworked cab horse.  The charity was initiated by Ann Lindo, who was allegedly inspired by the novel Black Beauty.  The Home moved to Acton in 1908 and then to Cricklewood. When the Home came to Boreham Wood in 1933, all the animals were transferred by motor horse van.  A description of the site at the time stated that all the stables were under one roof with all the necessary facilities such as chaff-cutting house, a forge, boiler house and a pharmacy.

In the 1970s the land became designated for the building of a housing estate and the Home was moved to a new stable complex at Speen Farm in Buckinghamshire where it remains today.

Our Museum Collection holds many photographs of the Home, which is fondly remembered by many local people.  Here’s a few to enjoy.  Incidentally, the one showing the Home of Rest location sign is Furzehill Road / Barnet Lane before the roundabout was put in place.

Check out the 1955 British Pathé film of the Home here

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